Social Media

Making a start

On Monday 9th July a number of us gathered at Christ Church Bromley to look at using Facebook to share the activities of our churches.
There were six of us present with two apologies. 
There are another six people interested which makes a total of fourteen people across ten churches.


The Facebook Group
At the meeting we encouraged everyone to have a Facebook Profile.
We created a Facebook Group called ‘Bromley Deanery Group’. 
This is a closed group and you will have to apply to participate. 
To do this find the group on Facebook and ask to join, simple. 
Initially we will limit membership to the Bromley Deanery Synod.
If you have not joined the group you are warmly invited to join us.


Autumn Project
The Facebook Group will be used in the month of September to share information about church activities. 
A report to be given to the Deanery Synod on the 11th October.

Please can members of the group post about activity in their church as a report on what takes place.
The aim is to gain a picture of activities so we might learn from each other and see how we might support each other.
The aim is to research and not advertise events and get people to attend. 
Please name the activity, say what it is about, what works and what does not work. Please keep it brief.

During August post to try some of this out. 
The September material will be what we will report to Synod.

Created by Rev'd Alan Keeler